Medical marijuana is now used regularly by millions of people nationwide, with a majority of states today allowing doctors to prescribe it for patients. There are many common conditions and symptoms marijuana can be successfully used to treat, as those who find more information online will discover.

An Especially Versatile, Natural Medical Treatment

Although marijuana used to be best known for its purely recreational, gratuitous usages, that has changed in recent years. Many, or most, adults today now know someone who has used medical marijuana under the supervision of a physician. As a result, attitudes about the basic nature of the substance have changed rapidly, with more and more people coming to regard it as a medical tool of real value in certain cases. Some of the conditions marijuana is most often prescribed and used as a treatment for today include:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder. Whether for those involved in combat overseas or others who experienced trauma at home, post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a condition that can easily turn life upside down. Many who suffer from PTSD find themselves becoming unable to deal with even everyday situations, as the anxiety, outright fear, and even profound dissociation that result come to dominate their lives. Responsible, medically prescribed usage of marijuana provides a level of relief for many who suffer from PTSD that no other treatment can equal.
  • Irritable bowel disorders. The human digestive system is more mysterious than many realize, and some of the problems that regularly arise with it can be especially difficult to treat. Many cases of nearly debilitating irritable bowel disorder, or IBD, resist treatment with even the most advanced and specialized pharmaceutical drugs. Once again, marijuana often provides relief from IBD symptoms that could otherwise make it virtually impossible to keep up with even the most routine duties of everyday life.

Many More Ways Medical Marijuana Can Help

These are only a couple of the syndromes and conditions that marijuana is now regularly used to treat. Physicians who are able to identify when their own patients might benefit from medical uses for marijuana regularly help Americans overcome health problems that could otherwise seem intractable.