Main Types of Packaging

The science of enclosing products after they are manufactured and before they are distributed, stored, sold and used is known as packaging. The act of designing and producing packages is also referred to as packaging. A package is supposed to possess package labeling which contains information such as the manufacturing company, expiry date and any other information important to the consumer. The package labeling is done either by writing, electronic or graphical means. A packaged product does not get dust and air, it is easily handled and stored, attracts more customers, is secure and can be opened and closed after use. In order to prevent waste, the packaging is supposed to be made of a material which can be recycled. Below are the major packaging methods.

Resealable packaging is the first type of packaging. The resalable packages can be reclosed after the use of the product. The reclosing prevents the product from going bad and spilling out. The methods of reclosing the resealable packaging are; hooks, screw caps, adhesive tapes, and strips, lid, twist ties and plastic wraps. A resealable package can be used in other ways after the product is exhausted which reduces waste.

The second type of packaging is the stand-up pouches. A stand-up pouch is a pouch which has a flat base which enables this packaging to stand up on its own. The stand-up pouch packaging is favorable for liquids, food items, and solids. A stand-up pouch is smaller compared to other packaging methods. A stand-up pouch may be clear or laminated. The laminated stand-up pouches have a small portion which is clear.

The third packaging type is the custom packaging. A custom packaging is a special packaging which satisfies the need of a client. These personalized features include; colors, package labeling, logos, pictures, shapes, dimensions, and material. Gifts are supposed to be packaged using the personalized packaging. The improvement in technology has led to the designing of the custom packaging to be done through the use of a software.

Another packaging method is aluminum foil packaging. The aluminum foil packaging keeps away dust, light, oxygen, odor, and moisture. Foods in aluminum foil heat up faster compared to those not in aluminum foil.

Another packaging way is the vacuum packaging. Vacuum is the absence of matter. Vacuum packaging is favorable for the perishable foods and drinks. By eliminating moisture and air, bacteria, yeast, and mold which make food to go bad are eliminated. Vacuum packaging facilitates storage and use of perishable goods for long.

Finally, the polybags are also used as a packaging method. A thin film of plastic is used in the making of the polybags. This is the most common type of packaging. The polythene bags are recyclable.

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