How to Tell of the Best Quality Timber

This post particularly details some of the qualities that you need to look for when you are looking for the highest quality timber.

First is the feature of hardness. This is one quality that the lumber needs to have so as to be able to ward off the effects of deterioration.

The second quality of lumber to check for is that of strength. In the event that you are looking for the kind of timber to be used for structural construction needs, then one essential quality to ensure is that of strength so as to be able to resist the heavy structural loads.

At the same time, high quality lumber needs to be tough enough and as a general counsel, this is not to be taken to mean the same thing as strength. The timber that you settle for as being high quality should be tough enough so as to be able to resist the shocks that may be caused by vibrations. Vibrations will in most cases result in bends and splits of poor quality timber and as such you need to be sure to have settled for the highest quality that will not exhibit such effects when there happens to be a tremor or vibrations. To assure this, only settle for those timbers that have narrow annual rings for they are basically known to be the toughest.

The lumber of the best quality as well needs to be elastic enough. This is such an essential quality in lumber looking at the fact that after the removal of loads, you will need to have the timber regain its original shape. By and large, in the event that you will be looking for the kind of lumber for the manufacture of sport goods, then this happens to be one quintessential feature to be particular with.

Top quality timber as well needs to be so durable. You shouldn’t forget the fact that you timber will stand quite exposed to lots of vulnerability to attacks by fungi and worms added to the fact that atmospheric effects as well have their toll on them. As such you need to be sure that you go for the timber that will be able to resist such effects and attacks for a longer period of time so as to serve the maximum period of time.

The best quality timber as well needs to have been prepared such as to be free of defects. This is seen in the lumber that is so prepared from the core of a healthy tree and as such should be free of sap, dead knots and shakes among other like defects.

High value and quality lumber should as well have straight fibers and structure.

Getting Down To Basics with Wood

Getting Down To Basics with Wood