Everything You Should Know About Getting Your Insurance Company to Cover Your Weight Loss Program.

Before you ask the person behind the counter to charge for an extra milkshake or fries, think the cost beyond the money you are paying. Obesity is becoming too expensive not just for the individual but also for the employer. The health claims made by obese employees are usually above 73 billion. The employees who have a healthy weight don’t usually file health claims very often. Employers, having realized how much employee obesity is costing them, are not including some weight loss programs in the health insurance docket. The level of care and coverage you have depends on the health insurance policy you have. Some companies are now including weight loss surgeries in their policies.A single bypass surgery can go up to thirty thousand dollars but this is still cheap compared to the amount a company might spend on one individual in a year because of obesity. Employees will not just be costing the company money but also time when they have to keep going to the doctor.However, it is important to talk with the insurance company concerning gastric bypass coverage and the circumstances.

For the approval to be granted, you have to convince the insurer that you actually need the surgery. The prove can be a recommendation letter from your doctor. The letter should include the treatments you have undergone or may need in the future, your current health condition, BMI and also weight history. If you can show how your obesity limits your daily task then the better, but this should be accompanied by an indication of how you will be able to do better once the situation is resolved.You need to show the company that the surgery will not be a quick fix for you when you have no intention of adjusting your lifestyle. You need to show them a gym membership or your intention to work with a medical nutritionist. This is not just something you do to let the insurance company get their prove and then go back on your word the moment you get out of the surgery. You might end up paying for the surgery on your own if you go back on the conditions and terms you agreed on because the insurance company can request for deductions on your salary. If you are not ready for a bypass procedure you can click here to discover more weight loss programs which are usually included in the coverage.