The Most Common Skincare Problem That Most Women Face During Pregnancy
An expectant women goes through so many changes within her body. This is so because you time to time experience mood swings which are very legendary.
Hormonal changes occur inside your body in that you get to experience a lot of changes because your body is trying to keep up with two people at the same time. The body has a system that will be trying so hard to fix the emerging problems that it has created.
It is important that you pay close attention to how you feel at all times and the way you look because this determines the health in you and on your mind. A number of pregnant women prefer to stay at home because of the changes that occur to their skin in a number of ways during the three trimesters. When you are pregnant, you skin changes the way it looks because some parts of your body demand to be supplied with more blood as other parts of your body do not get an equal share. You are likely to get irritated due to the changes that occur within your body when you are pregnant. One of the most common skincare problems that a number of pregnant women go through every time is acne.
You are going to experience a high production of androgen during the first twenty four weeks of your pregnancy. The presence of androgen within your body is the reason for swellings that occur in your skin. The androgen in your body makes the skin to produce more sebum than normal which is supposed to protect your skin as well as lubricate it.
The production of more sebum by your skin will result to it catching dirt on the surface of the skin. After the dirt dries up, a bacterial reaction usually occurs and makes the acne to start building up.
In order to clear this kind of problem, you have to break up the combination of the sebum produced by your skin and the dirt before you decide to clean up your skin.
One of the best home remedies that you can consider using here is citrus as you can use the combination of apple cider, vinegar and also add some honey so that you can use it to scrub your face. You should leave the mask on for about half a minute or even one minute before you can wash your face. It is important to be consistent in this practice for as long as it takes so that you can be assured of a better look.
Eczema turmoil is another skincare condition that most pregnant women experience during the three trimesters. It is advisable that you drink a lot of water so that you can remain healthy together with your unborn child. Sudden changes in temperature and also touch make your skin to be very sensitive. You should always avoid putting on clothes and jewellery that will deny your comfort such as baggy attires and even itchy ones.
It is important to apply a moisturizer on your body about three times during the day.
Protecting your skin during the nine months is very crucial as this ensures that you stay healthy. Take in lots of water so that you can always stay hydrated.