Heroin Withdrawal Timeline

Substance abuse is a direction that many people take but there are different causes. Some people find themselves in that direction unconsciously and that is why if you find someone in such a situation, they need a strong support system. It is possible to withdrawal from substance abuse but you have to encourage such people to seek help because it is a problem with a solution. A person can undergo the detoxification process which is not necessarily a treatment method because the person will still experience the withdrawal symptoms. The detoxification process, therefore, is a good and a better step as the person is likely to get well completely with time. Below is all you need to know about heroin withdrawal timeline.

When it comes to withdrawing from the use of heroin, it is important to note that the withdrawal time will depend a lot on the amount of heroin used but also the length of time the person was using it. For instance, if the person also ended up being mentally ill, the process is said to take a long time compared to a sober person who has no mental illness. It is also important to understand that the person will require a lot of support because heroin withdrawal is a very sensitive time for them and they need all the support that is available. Most of the professionals will advise you therefore to take necessary measures that is take the person to a rehabilitation center where they can be given some attention. The rehab facility is going to help the individual to recover fully especially because there are professionals looking at them.

When it comes to heroin withdrawal timeline, it is important to learn that within 6-30 hours from the last dosage, the symptoms will start showing up which can consist of watery eyes, sweating and dripping noses. Additionally, you have to be very careful about the next 72 hours. This is because it is the time where they detox symptoms are heightened with the patient experiencing extreme symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and even chills. The symptoms can vary with different patient some taking 4-10 days best it is also important to learn that some will experience pain for up to 21 days. When the patient is at the peak of the heroin withdrawal timeline, they will be experiencing some dark moment such as depression, fatigue and anxiety and that is what is important that you learn more to avoid letting them in such a time when they need a lot of attention.